Sierra Homes of Michigan Builders

Chris Thelen (contact Chris here) and Jeff Pung are the owners/builders/craftsmen for Sierra Homes.
These local artisans personally guide each customer through design, selections and construction as if they are family. Since each home is unique, you may choose to make as many or as few of the design decisions as you prefer. The rest will be handled by Chris and Jeff as if your home were their own. 

Surprisingly, unlike most custom builders, your price will be a great value as well.  Sierra Homes remain rock solid in these uncertain economic times. Chris and Jeff don't support a large staff or luxurious offices and design centers. They are truly "hands on" and take pride in passing on the savings, energy efficiency and unique style they create to their loyal customers.

Chris and Jeff believe that quality, service and structural integrity should be high and prices as low as possible and prices are lower than ever in new home construction. Land owners, craftsmen, sub-contractors and vendors have all dropped their prices dramatically, as have we, just to keep working at turning out the Sierra Homes that make us feel so proud and contribute to our local economy.